Our Story

At Liquid Bird, our journey began with a simple realization: the lack of resources for exploring new fields beyond the scope of our careers and primary education. We found ourselves endlessly scrolling through YouTube, at the mercy of algorithms and chance, hoping to stumble upon valuable knowledge. Alternatively, we could sift through countless books, hoping to find one that offered a comprehensive overview of a subject.

Frustrated by these limitations, we sought a solution – a way to obtain a complete introduction to a subject in an organized and engaging manner. Thus, our first product, the Rocket Deck playing cards, was born. Originally branded as The Space Techie, its success inspired us to delve deeper into new fields and expand our product range.

Driven by our mission to empower curiosity and facilitate learning, we embarked on a journey to bring more fields to light. Thus, we pivoted to our new branding, Liquid Bird, symbolizing fluidity, curiosity, and the unbounded possibilities of exploration.

Our tagline, "Curiosity Unboxed," encapsulates our ethos perfectly. We believe in unlocking the curiosity within each of us, breaking free from the constraints of traditional learning methods, and embracing the joy of discovery.

Join us on our quest to make learning an immersive and enriching experience for all. Let's unbox curiosity together and embark on a journey of endless exploration and growth. Welcome to Liquid Bird – where curiosity knows no bounds.